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Back in the 70's my mom, Joann Martens, was very interested and involved in nutrition. She was a regular at health food stores and natural food markets. My mom always had vitamins for us to try. She knew that we needed to supplement our diet with quality vitamins. the only problem was that the vitamins that she was finding, really made no difference in our health and well-being. We,my dad, Norvel, my brother Norv, my sister Shelley, and myself, Tom all had a myriad of health problems. My dad suffered from gout, which is a very painful skin disorder that he was taking a prescription to control, which had very nasty side effects. He and Joann both suffered from Asthma. My brother and sister and I were always sick....all it took for us to get a cold or flu was opening the front door. I remember many days laying in bed with my chest covered in Vick's Vapor rub and the humidifier going.

One day a friend of Joann's from church, knowing my mom was into nutrition, asked her if she had ever heard of Neo-life vitamins. My mom being the sweet person that she is told her that she had not but would be happy to try them, even though she had very little interest in trying more useless vitamins. After the first few weeks she was surprised to notice that she actually felt better...and noticed a difference when she ran out of the vitamins and stopped taking them. She then became a distributor for Neo-life and bought more vitamins. To his surprise my Dad's gout went away. He stopped taking the prescription which he hated so much and was very excited to see that the gout did not return. My parent's asthma also disappeared. Joann, was also happy to find that us kids were healthier than we had ever been.

Joann, was so impressed with the quality of the vitamins and the results that not only she and my family got, but all of her friends that she shared the vitamins with, that she decided to do this as a full time business. That as they say was history within a few years she turned her little $60 dollar investment into a multi-million dollar business through Neolife/GNLD.