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Science has discovered a way to stop burns. That's right, a revolutionary product that actually stops burn pain. Burns are a common injury at home and during emergencies. Because of this we should all become acquainted with the benefits of this new product. The product, named appropriately "BurnFree", offers immediate pain relief by cooling the burn wound, stopping the burning process, and minimizing the depth of the injury. It is creating a new standard for the first aid treatment of burn injuries and for emergency fire situations. This product can be used at home to treat burns and to ease pain. Even sunburns are helped. BurnFree has some distinct advantages.

If fat- or grease-based creams were applied to a burn, they could actually trap heat beneath the skin's surface and the burning process could continue, causing a wound far worse and much deeper than what is visible at the surface. BurnFree is made from a natural plant oil which does not allow this penetrating burning to occur, and in fact cools the burn, even deep down.

BurnFree contains a unique combination of water and natural plant extracts. The active ingredient is melaleuca alternifolia. This ingredient has been found to help cure burns; disinfect small wounds, pimples, and insect bites; eliminate pus, and heal ear, nose, and throat infections. Studies are even being done to prove that it is effective in fighting some viruses. It is often found in antiseptics, anti-acne creams, and burn medications as well as cosmetic and toiletry products such as shampoos, soaps, creams, and deodorants. It is a complex natural mixture containing over 40 organic compounds. It has also been proven to have effective germicide and fungistatic properties.

BurnFree gel is viscous, or thicker than most burn care products, meaning it will remain on the wound and not run off. Because it remains on the wound, BurnFree cools the area more effectively.

Another great aspect of BurnFree is that it can be used on or around mucous membranes and on broken skin. So if a wound has blistered, or occurred with an invasive wound such as a scrape or impalement, you can still treat the burn with BurnFree gel and not cause serious infection problems to the open wound.

BurnFree dressings are premedicated so you don't have to mess with a lot of equipment. The open cell foam design retains 95% of the gel, meaning it's not messy to apply and it won't lose it's effectiveness by leaving most of the medication in the package.

Unlike gauze pads which can shed threads or fibers that may adhere to the wound as it heals, BurnFree dressings will not shed threads and the pliable foam conforms easily to the injured area for less restricted movement and added comfort.

One of the most crucial considerations in burn treatment is immediacy. The faster you can cool a wound and start the healing process, the better your chances for survival and healing. BurnFree provides immediate results. BurnFree can be used to reduce pain and trauma from wounds caused by fire, flames, chemicals, electrical burns, as well as phosphorous and magnesium. They are strong enough for injuries caused during industrial accidents but remain safe for home use. BurnFree is a real lifesaver for every day emergencies such as a burned finger while cooking, or a burned brow resulting from a hot curling iron.

BurnFree is so effective professional firefighters, paramedics, and emergency rooms often turn to it for initial burn care--

    "With BurnFree products pain is relieved, fluid loss reduced, and progress of the burn injury is stopped."

    --John Boswick, Jr., MD

    "I have been very impressed with BurnFree and have had astonishing results both personally and professionally with this product. I first used BurnFree when I worked as a Firefighter/EMT for Geneva Steel Fire Department in Utah. One worker was using a cutting torch to cut steel coils when some of the molten steel splashed on to his coat and ignited his clothing. When we arrived he had burns on his abdomen, chest, arms, and face. Most of them looked like second degree but some could have become third degree. He was in agony. We exposed the burns and applied BurnFree dressings. He felt instant relief. The doctors at the emergency room were equally impressed. Since then I have not hesitated to use BurnFree as I encounter burn injuries as a firefighter and paramedic.

    Recently I used BurnFree on 2 young boys that were playing with lighter fluid and matches in a tent in their back yard. The can burst and both boys received extensive first and second degree burns. We applied BurnFree and transported both boys to the hospital. Later when I checked on their condition, and the worst they still had were first degree burns, and the youngest was already up playing. The older boy had some breathing difficulties but was also doing well. I have used BurnFree on everything from sunburns to electrical burns and had positive results every time."

    --Michael J. Parson, Firefighter/Paramedic, Orem City Fire Department