Survival products for any situation.

1 Cup Cooking Oil
1 Cup Honey
10 Cup Old-Fashioned Oats(Regular Rolled Oats)*
1 Cup Dehydrated Fat-Free Milk
12 Oz Concentrated Juice (Apple Drink Mix)
Option Almonds
Option Sunflower Seeds
Option Freeze Dried Raisins*

*Reconstitute before using.
Follow directions on #10 can to reconstitute.


1. In large bowl, toss oats and powdered milk together.

2. In a 4-cup measuring cup, measure oil, then add honey to 2-cup line.

3. Add juice to the measuring cup and heat in microwave, stirring every minute until warm and blended.

4. Pour liquids over oats, stirring as you pour, mix well.

5. Spread on cookie sheet lined with parchment paper.

6. Bake at 250°F for 2 1/2 hours or until golden brown with no moisture visible.

Use white grape juice. Serve with blueberries.