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When I was first introduced to the idea of storing food, I heard a lot mentioned about the benefits of storing a one year supply of food for difficult times. It was explained that one year food supplies are meant to help families get through personal emergencies such as unemployment, layoff, or a death in the family. I was also told that stored food supplies are especially helpful during national or local crises such as hurricanes, flooding, droughts, war, etc.

Although the one year food supply idea seemed both sensible and wise, I struggled with the "big purchase." I started feeling guilty every time I would turn on the television and watch the news in the evenings. Even at the movies, it seemed like every movie that came out had something to do with a volcano, tornado, or some other kind of natural disaster. It wasn't that people were trying to instill fear, as much as it was my own mind knowing that emergencies both large and small happen every day--and I started to wonder could my family be next? So why did I continue to put off something I felt was so important?

As I reflected upon the reasons for my deliberate procrastination, I found 5 reasons why purchasing a year supply seemed so scary to me. See if you've struggled with any of these fears:

1. I didn't want to store a bunch of food in my basement and end up throwing it all away in 10 years like my neighbor did down the street. That seemed like such a waste of money.

2. I wasn't sure how to make stuff out of wheat. I realized that certain year supplies were designed to be easier to use than others, but I just wasn't big on preparing foods from scratch.

3. I had no idea how to plan out what I want to eat for a year--Golly, I couldn't even do that for a week--let alone a whole year!

4. I didn't know whether my family would like everything offered in a year supply--especially my picky youngest daughter.

5. When I did have the money to invest in a year supply, something always came up. The car would break down, I would have to pay for my son's tuition, or I would receive an unexpected medical bill. I knew it was a big gamble not to have food stored, but I guess I still wasn't convinced that I needed a year's supply of food?

That's why I was truly relieved when Evriday Foods were introduced. It gave me the option of buying a few food items per pay check and I've slowly built up a good-sized supply of food storage. I started out with simple foods; ones my family already ate on a regular basis such as soup, rice, refried beans, etc. Evriday Foods® come in smaller quantities, so I don't feel I've wasted a ton of money if I happen not to care for a certain type of food. And, I can eat my food storage normally and not feel like I have to save it for some huge crisis. I really believe that's why certain people allow their year supplies to go to waste--they are truly afraid to open up those #10 cans because they know they have to use them up by a certain time when they're opened.

As I think about the five things that used to scare me about storing food, I realize more and more that an everyday type of food storage makes more sense, in my case, than buying a huge year supply of food all at once. With Evriday Foods® I don't have an overwhelming supply stored in an attic. The foods are easy to prepare (most of them are "just-add-water" mixes). I don't have to plan out a year's supply because I know that I'll get through my current supply without getting tired of eating the same foods over and over. My family likes all the foods they've tried so far. And, it doesn't put a financial strain on my pocket book.

Best of all, I feel good knowing that I'm preparing my family and I don't experience those episodes of guilt that used to haunt me when I wasn't preparing.